Smoothie Bowl: The Fancy Edition

Guys, I just have to share with you all the recipe for this smoothie bowl, because I'm so proud of how it turned out. It was delicious

Smoothie Base:
3-4 smaller strawberries
2/3-1/2 cup milk (skim)
ice cubes
opt. 2 scoops Herbalife vanilla shake
opt 1 scoop Herbalife fiber

2-4 strawberries
small handful of dried blueberries
small handful of sunflower seeds
small handful of pumpkin seeds
small handful of flaxseeds
small handful of chia seeds

1. Blend the smoothie base in a blender and pour into a bowl. It should be pretty thick. Too soupy and everything will sink to the bottom.
2. How I decorated:

  • I sprinkled the museli in about 1/3 of the bowl
  • I lined the strawberries half way, eating the ends because, why not?
  • I then sprinkled the blueberries and work my way to the other end with the different seeds.

So easy, right? And I found all of the ingredients in either E-mart or my local grocery store, so you can definitely find them near you! Heck, even my editing was minimal. iPhone 4S camera and a little playing around with the lighting in Instagram. 

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