Things You Need in Your Life Now

"Madame Secretary"- This was recommended on one of The Simple Sophisticate  podcasts as a Petit Plaisir, and I decided to give it a shot. After all I love a good government/political drama (hello, "Scandal" and "House of Cards), and I have liked both Tea Leoni and Tim Daly in other shows and movies they were in.

It's such a good show! It avoids going over the top like other dramas do, and it's incredibly realistic in both the daily events and the way the characters are portrayed. There's a little spy drama with Tim Day's character, which hopefully won't become the show's B613 because, let's be honest, we're all ready for that to be over with on "Scandal." The style is on par with Kerry Washington's and Robin Wright's, with a touch of down to earth given Leoni's character. 

George Ezra's Wanted on Voyage- This man's voice... I heard "Budapest," and then I found his other songs on Youtube, and then I went to Amazon and bought the whole damn CD. "Barcelona" is a particular favorite as well as "Over the Creek."

The Secret History by Donna Tartt- You know those books you've had on your shelf (virtual Kindle shelf in my case) for a while? Well, The Secret History has been on mine for quite a while. I can't believe it took me so long to read it. A murder mystery that focuses on the "why" rather than "who" (we know who in the prologue) is less the intrigue than the writing and character descriptions. Anyone who's gone to a small liberal arts college will agree with the descriptions of Hampton College immediately (even though it was twenty years ago!), and even if you haven't, you'll enjoy the various Greek-obsessions, descriptions of college students trying to act like adults, and observations on human tendencies.

Paper Towns by John Green- Another interesting read. I, of course, loved The Fault in Our Stars when I read it during my junior year of college, and if I had read it as a teenager, I would have cried over the fact that Augustus would never exist in my suburban hometown. This book, though, focuses more on the message of breaking free of suburban patterns and less on character development and logistics. Margot is kind of cool, but I honestly wanted to give her a reality check during the book, and Q played that let's-put-her-on-a-pedestal-game way too well. If you want an adventure story, I suggest reading Paper Towns, it's still John Green, but a little different.

Stuff You Missed in History Class- Is it old of me to love podcasts, or am I just behind on the times? I read about this podcast in the comment section of a Buzzfeed article, and I immediately went and downloaded a bunch of episodes. Love. these. ladies. So much fun and the perfect thing to listen to while cooking or getting ready for the day. 

Got any recommendations? 

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