Some Reflection and Such

Miss me? I know, I know. I've been gone for quite a while! Not really if you follow me on social media, but on this blog I've seemingly dropped off the face of the planet. It's one of those sorry, but not actually sorry kind of things. As you know, I'm working on the launch of There She Goes Again, so 99% of my blogging and web-siting energy is going into that baby. I'm really excited for its launch, and I'm currently trying to build up its audience pre-debut while pulling my "Samantha Elisabeth" themed presence back to a more personal space. You'll notice (if you're not a follower) SE related social media has changed significantly. The Facebook page is still up and running, but it will most likely change to a page for TSGA. I've completely deleted my Twitter (well, deactivated...it'll become permanent in 30 days), and my Instagram has gone to private.

I've been doing a lot of reflection these past months, considering I've now completed my first year of adulthood, and I decided to renew my contract and stay in Korea another year. I've also said hello and goodbye to a lot of people, as is the nature of being an expat, which is always something I've found difficult to do. Anyhow, now that my head is fully clear from the muddled mess it became with poor diet, little sleep, and a lot of stress (socially and academically) in college, I've been able to focus on aspects of my life outside of finishing work for the next class. Someday I'd love to just be totally off most social media beyond TSGA related platforms. I'd follow blogs I like via Bloglovin or e-mail, and any friends abroad or near, I'd keep in touch via texting apps, e-mail, and letters. I keep thinking to how I was when I was in middle school and early high school before the real boom of social media, and I feel like my concentration was just so. much. better. So that's my personal goal. Get back my focus and sharpen my mind back up again. I'm planning on doing just that with the following:

  • Reading more. I've already read more personal choice books than I did in all my college years. And they're not just shit books either, but actual novels with proper dialog, clear narrative, and a good story. I have a Kindle app on which I read newer books, but a lot of expats have left hard copy books behind. I finally collected a bunch with the intention of reading them, particularly at night when I shouldn't really be staring at screens.
  • Writing more. Guys, I've always wanted to be a writer. I've wanted to create worlds that suck someone in. I've wanted to break hearts with story lines. I've always had trillions of ideas swirling in my head, and I have countless documents in various folders with stories barely started before abandoned with impatience. I've made a vow to myself that I need to start writing a page everyday about something, anything. No worrying about editing or re-reading necessarily, just getting words onto paper.
  • Artsy stuff. Nothing that will turn into a business venture or be something to brag about to friends. Just stuff like sketching random things or doodling patterns or just coloring that will feel therapeutic and entertaining.
  • Cooking. I have so many recipes saved onto my phone for meals and healthy desserts, so it's time to start spending more time in the kitchen for more savory meals.
  • Language learning. My Spanish has obviously gotten significantly worse from lack of use and impatience when speaking it and trying to get a point across. I've put podcasts, books, and apps on my phone to keep me practicing. I've also started to put more focus on learning Korean and increasing my fluency. I love languages too much to let being out of an education environment derail my ability to learn them.
  • Think time. You know, roaming my town, meditation, etc. Unplugging from electronics, period. the. end.
What do you think? I really want to put into practice all these observations on getting outside more, getting away from the technology, so this is how I'm hopefully going to get more focused! 

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