This Year in Review: 2014

Holy moly, 2015 is already on the horizon. When you start contemplating college in the middle school, the idea of college graduation seems like such a far off concept...And now it not only came, it's far in the past. 2014 year has been such an interesting year. A lot has happened, but here are some of my personal highlights. I'll finally be celebrating New Years properly with friends in a city, not curled up in bed ready for a day of work tomorrow! Hope everyone has a wonderful time, and here's to hoping you get that special kiss!
How much do I love our newest addition?! She's awesome and probably the nicest person I know. Also probably the only person I know that could handle losing her GG, G, and big all in the same year to graduation... [Post Here]

I think everyone goes through a lot of ups and downs with any group you join, from friends to sports to academics to sororities. Yes, we're sisters, and even the ones I want to kill 99% of the time are still my sorority sisters to want to kill. I went through my ups and downs with my sorority, but I wound trade my experience or them for anything in the world. [Post Here]

I'm mostly proud because I didn't train, and I was sick right before the race, but I ran the whole thing! And I did it in around 30 minutes, which isn't too shabby! [Post Here]
I compared female archetypes Becquer's Rimas and Byron's Don Juan. One thesis was in English, one in Spanish. And I got honors on both, huzzah. [Post Here]

Remember how last year I ended a lot of toxic friendships? I think it made room to solidify some as I move on to new chapters in my life. From my friends from home who have seen me through my middle school years to this fam a bam of mine, I'm learning the meaning of long lasting friendships. Besides everyone needs someone they can randomly text when something embarrassing happens to them half way across the world. Like farting in a department store elevator because you think no one will come in and then a cute guy walks in, and you know he smells it... Not that that happened to me or anything.

Oh heck yes, I survived. Is it not very modern of me to be so aware of my singledom? Most of the time, like deciding to work abroad, I'm pretty content in my seemingly permanent membership to Team Forever Alone (they say a year or two more, and I'm going to be President), but the first half of this year was not one of those times. My friends on campus all had boyfriends. You know what it's like to be number 7 in a group? It. blows. But I made it out (and by out I mean graduating and moving away from campus) without becoming desperate or trying to get a guy that would be clearly incompatible with me. 

One of the coolest things to come from my sorority. I got to meet my 3G, who graduated before I even got to my college, and we had time to hang out this summer. Who knows, maybe we'll actually live in the same city in the future one day? [Post Here]
I've lived in Pennsylvania since I was three, and I've never been to the west side until now. I also imagined Pittsburgh to be dirty and gross, but it's actually beautiful. Like San Fran of the East Coast. [Post Here]

I mean, that's kind of a big deal, no? [Posts Here]

I really like teaching, and my gig in Namwon specifically is pretty awesome.

Namwon is considered the City of Love, I mean how was I not going to fall in love with it? And spring hasn't even come yet!
I think the places where we grow up, even if it's a little, take a part of us. Seoul definitely has a part of me, and it only grows each time I get to visit again and again. Seeing Yonsei again was like stepping back three years, and I was giddy all over thinking about it. [Post Here]

Holla at me, yo. ;) [Post Here]

Snow is quite pretty here even if the cold weather makes me cry frozen tears of sadness.
Ultrafest this summer, anyone? [Post Here]
My first time celebrating Christmas abroad. Obviously not a habit I'd like to have forever, but it was quite a fun experience. [Post Here]


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