My Thaibodia Bucket List

Excuse the excitement, but this is the first "vacation," I have ever had in my adult life! Meaning I have money that was properly budgeted to enjoy this experience, and I'm going somewhere warm in February! Anyongigyeseyo to the dreariest month of the year (minus my favorite holiday, of course), and sa-wat-dee and susaday to Thailand and Cambodia. Just to get myself studying about the places I will explore a bit more, I made a sort of bucket list of things I'd like to see or do. This isn't a strict itinerary, and I'm not going to stamp my foot into the ground if I don't get to do a few things. This list is more of a way that I'm getting even more excited for my impending adventure to Thailand and Cambodia, or as my group of friends have dubbed our vacay, "Thaibodia."

My vacation starts with traveling to Thailand from Busan Airport, and then I go to Siem Reap, Cambdoia, and then return to Thailand for Chiang Mai and Krabi.
  • Shop in the Chatuchak Market
  • Lady Boy Show
  • Wat Phra Kaew (The Grand Palace)
  • Wat Pho
  • Eat along street food along Sukhumvit 38
  • See the River from Wat Arun
  • Try Som Tam
  • Snack on Khao Neow Moo Ping
  • Try the Durian fruit

  • Take a tuk-tuk in the dark to witness the Angkor Wat at sunrise
  • Get lost exploring Angkor Wat
  • Check out the Buddha faces in Bayon Temple
  • Buy silk and spices at the Artisan d'Angkor
  • Trip over roots in Ta Prohm (within Angkor Wat)
  • Get a food baby from Khmer food
  • Have fish nibble at my feet
  • Eat here.

  • Lounge by Huay Tung Tao
  • Have dinner at the Vegetarian Society
  • Walk from Chiang Mai University to Wat Phra That Doi Suthep temple
  • Wander around Chiang Mai's old city
  • Watch a craftsman making silver coverings in Wat Srisuphan
  • See the emaciated  Buddha statue behind Wat Umong
  • See Wiang Kum Kum
Krabi Transportation

K R A B I , T H A I L A N D

  • Do yoga on the beach
  • Swim in the Emerald Pool
  • Go sea kayaking
  • Go snorkeling through the clear waters
  • Freeze my butt off in the Krabi Crystal Stream
  • Spend a day island hopping

Also, check out my Pinterest board, TRAVEL // Thaibodia, to see where a lot of these ideas came from!

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