5 Good Sitcoms to Watch

I am a sitcom fanatic. There's something perfect about the 1/2 hour, light-hearted (sometimes heart string pulling) shows that get me watch all the time. I'm still not over "The Crazy Ones" or "Selfie" being cancelled, but I am glad some of the following shows are either still on or were introduced this past year! Of course, I'm not adding the already big ones like "Modern Family" or "Big Bang," but rather some lesser watched ones and brand new shows. In case you have time for some serious binge watching, here are five good sitcoms to watch right now.


This show has me in fits of laughter every time I watch it! It's currently in its second season. Skylar Astin (aka the guy from Pitch Perfect) plays Brody, a top floor banker who's the most promising worker under head honcho, Mr. Mansfield (John C. McGinley). Briga Heelan plays Jenny, a ground floor worker with a much more laid back attitude. The sitcom plays the ground floor crew off the top floor crew, and it's only getting better as the seasons go on. It's incredibly funny, and the cast chemistry is excellent from the start. Pretty sure McGinley runs away this with this show!


This is one of the new shows that has me watching weekly! Family comedies are definitely having a bit of a renaissance now, and "Black-ish" just adds to it. The pilot did start off a little shaky with Anthony Anderson as Dre's voice overs, but it hit it stride fairly quickly. The whole cast is great, particularly Tracee Ellis Ross as Bow, and the chemistry is also strong from the start (really, chemistry is key to a successful show!). The kids crack me up from the oldest son's softer side to the older sister's typical teenager antics, and the twin's hilarious one-liners. Of course, you can't forget Laurence Fisburne as Pops, since he steals pretty much every scene he's in. If you think this show is going to be all about race and color, I secretly think they just used that as a marketing tool. After all, I could go on about a certain trend on TV that was definitely not there when I was growing up, but that's a post for another day. As this show hits its stride, I have a feeling race will be less of a topic and the antics of this family will take center stage more. Quick plot summary: it's about an affluent black family living in California.

Ah, this. show. is. hilarious. I can't believe it's not talked about just as much as other new sitcoms! Where has Cristela Alonzo been?! In the show, Cristela is trying to become a lawyer, and a part of that is interning for a law office (aka no money). She lives with her sister and her family, and she has a hilarious relationship with her brother-in-law. The show goes between Cristela at the law office (anyone rooting for a budding romance with Josh?!) and at home.


It's in its fourth season now, and it's only improving. I actually watched the second season and then went back to look at the first season. Basically, pretend the first season didn't exist. The chemistry in the cast is much better with the recasting of the oldest daughter, the addition of her baby daddy, and the pairing of Kyle and Mandy. Besides, who doesn't love Tim Allen back as a dad on the silver screen? If you're ever feeling nostalgic for "Home Improvement," don't worry, the characters make quite a few appearances!


In case you forgot, Mindy Kaling is my spirit animal. I actually didn't start out loving this show, but for some reason I kept tuning in every Tuesday, and quickly I became quite impatient when it wasn't on. While I'm not crazy over the butchering of some older characters (like Josh's story arc, the poor use of Anna Camp as non-medical BFF, etc), I do have to say Tamra has grown on me, and I'm going to miss Peter Prentice on every episode (loved him in "Happy Endings"). Also, I actually love Mindy and Danny together.

Now, which one do you plan on binge watching? I'm always down to re-watch "The Mindy Project."

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