Cute Little Love Songs

This is the week of love! Valentine's Day is by far my favorite holiday despite having been single for it every year. From the hearts to the gestures to the cheese, I soak it all in. To start off Valentine's Week, here is a list of some of my favorite cute, little love songs. You know, the kind that make you all giggly and happy...

"At the Beginning"
Donna Lewis | This will be my wedding song. Sung live. In Spanish. Or Italian.

Colbie Caillat | What a cute way to sing about an orgasm!

"Come On Get Higher"
Matt Nathanson | This song makes me picture a couple lounging around on a wintry day in huge knit socks, boxers, and T-shirts with a fire and tea.

Beyonce | Doesn't this song just make you happy?

"Gone, Gone, Gone" 
Phillip Phillips | I always loved the idea of loving someone after death because if true love is eternal, shouldn't it transcend death?

"Heaven's Door"
Eric Nam | The Korean version. The English is too cheesy for me.

"House Party"
Sam Hunt | Basically my idea of the perfect night.

"Just the Way You Are"
Bruno Mars | There's a reason this catapulted Bruno fame!

"Kiss Me"
Sixpence None the Richer | Whimsical and beautifully descriptive.

"If You Wonder"
Jeff Bernat | Still obsessed with this song. Can't wait to see him at the Seoul Jazz Festival!

"I'll Be"
Edwin McCain | Yes, this song does remind of A Cinderella Story, and yes, that scene is utterly perfect. Where did the CMM characters go?

Jonas Brothers | It makes me wanna skip along a sidewalk on a bright spring day. Right...? Right?!

"Love is Easy"
McFly | It uses dialogue from It's a Wonderful Life, 'nough said. 

"My My Love"
Joshua Radin | Such a beautiful song! It's the perfect writing song.

"Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now"
The Starting Line | I heard this song watching a Youtube compilation of the main couple from the "Ouran High School Host Club" anime when I was sixteen. It's a cover of an eighty's song, and it reminds me of said couple all the time!

"On Top of the World"
Imagine Dragons | Just. Perfection.

"Perfect Two"
Auburn | How cute is this song?!

"Rhythm of Love"
Plain White T's | You're caught the moment the first beat starts.

"Stay Here Forever"
Jewel | From the movie, Valentine's Day. How do you not love a sunny Jewel?

"Stay, Stay, Stay"
Taylor Swift | I mean if I added ever T. Swift song about love, this list would be long. This is one of the funniest, simplest ones, and the tune will get stuck in your head.

"Thinking Out Loud"
Ed Sheeran | Is it cheesy if I describe a song as breathtaking? Oh well. From the music video to the lyrics to the rhythm, I just wanna ballet dance under the stars...

"Tip Toes"
Jayme Dee | If this song doesn't make you happy...

오늘부터 1일
K. Will | One of the lyrics in this song translates to "I'm the best looking of the average guys." Cute, right?!

우리 잘 될것 같아 (ft. G.NA) 
BB Boyz | Shame this group never quite got off the ground. The title translates to, "We'll be okay," and it's just an adorable song about love.

Sound off! What cute, little love songs make you feel on bubbly and smiley?

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