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Remember my favorite airport inspiration? Well, in the past few months, Jessica Jung created a luxury brand called Blanc & Eclare. Of course, if you know even a little about Jung or the contemporary Korean culture, you know the brand has been in the shadow of a lot of controversy. However, I'd like to focus less on that and more on the brand itself. Since Jung is obviously my favorite style inspiration when it comes to airports, I'm pretty excited for what she has to offer.

The brand itself describes its aesthetics as "modern classic." The style is whole minimalist, with attention paid to keeping the designs clean and simple. I'm a fan of minimalism, so I'm already sold. It aims to be a lifestyle brand with accessories, clothing, and even a fragrance, so I'm eager to see how it further markets itself both with Jung and independently. I have a feeling travel will play a small role of inspiration, given the sunglasses are named after big cities (which I'm a sucker for). 

Blanc & Eclare Sunglasses

Of course, there is an emphasis on luxury, so the $250 price tag on the sunglasses will keep me as an admirer. Hopefully as the brand grows, there will be more reviews and more information on how the products are made. Right now it's too new and too dependent on Jung's celebrity. I want more of a "Who is the Blanc & Eclare woman?" What exactly makes a Blanc & Eclare pair of sunglasses so special? Why should buy them over Prada or Chanel? Same goes for future products, like the scarves and clothes and fragrances. I believe Jung has something with this brand, I just want to know more.

What do you think? And hey, if you have money to burn of sunglasses or scarves, check out the website

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