Colorful Krabi

There isn't really much for me to tell you about Krabi beyond the fact that it embodies everything you'd want out of a beach town. There was the island hopping, my gorgeous hostel, and the little things I loved, but I've already went over them in other posts. I understand why people often choose to go to the beaches in the south of Thailand rather than any other area. Chiang Mai is for the history buffs and travelers, and Bangkok is for the partiers. However if you want total relaxation, perfect beaches, and that island town feel, south of Thailand is your best bet. Krabi is perfect because it's touristy, but it's not overly touristy like I've heard about Phuket. From the moment you board the adorable plane in Bangkok (Nok Air, guys, use it!) to unloading your suitcase and jumping straight into the nearest body of water, Krabi is heaven. It is also the most adorably colorful town ever. Just a little walk from our hostel down to the ocean gave way to all sorts of sunny colors and generally happy vibes. To wrap up my posts about my stay in Krabi, I thought I'd share some of my favorite pictures from my trip. You know, in case your wanderlust wasn't bad enough already ;). 

I mean, how can you not be happy just looking at colorful Krabi?

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