Playhouse EDM Festival

So this past weekend I made another trek to Seoul to attend the 2014 Playhouse EDM Festival. Basically, one of the teachers here in Namwon has a friend from home who now works in Singapore as an event organizer, and this was her event. The festival was Friday night and Saturday night at the Kintex 2 Exhibition Center in Goyang, which is within the Seoul metro. 

Let me put this out there, I wasn't even aware that "EDM" was an acronym until I heard it on the FungBro's videos, and this was my first time ever attending anything like this. I had an absolute blast, and the DJs were awesome. Let's just put it this way. My arms and legs were incredibly sore on my bus ride back to Namwon on Sunday. I didn't get to the venue until about midnight on Friday, and eleven on Saturday, so I missed the earlier acts, but the ones I did see were incredible. Some of them would even come out into the crowd for a bit to dance, like Luney Tunez (who I'm so bummed I missed!). 

Bonus: Our friend's friend, the organizer, hooked us up with VIP the second night which was super nice. The other tables even became friendly as the night went on.

W H E R E  T O  S T A Y: 
I stayed at Hotel Violet, right near Exit 3 of Daehwa Station (Line 3), and I thought it was lovely. I split a room with another teacher, and I think it came out to maybe 40,000 won a night. We took a taxi to the venue (it was only around 3,000 won) and the subway to the Hotel was a straight (albeit long) shot from the Express Bus Terminal. Let me just say, our bathroom had a waterfall shower head. And it was heaven. 

Besides that it had a double bed, a couch, a flat screen TV, a full sized mirror, and plenty of amenities that apparently all Korean hotels have (everything from a hair straightener to toothpaste). I did find it funny that we had curtains up against a blank wall, and I will say my one issue is that the walls are thin. I could hear all sorts of noises during the night. The kind where you wake-up thinking the TV is on, but it's someone in another room talking.
With DJ Thomas Newson. You can get an idea of my dress
the second night. I only brought one evening-ish dress to Korea...
W H A T  T O  W E A R:
Well, this is tricky because Koreans kind of do their own thing when it comes to dressing for anything, ever. You got everything from a flower headband to a sweater vest, so there's that. It was warm in the venue, but not suffocatingly hot. I wore a dress both nights and some Chucks, and I was actually pretty comfortable for the most part. But hey, if you wanna roll up in a turtle neck, jeans, and heels, you won't look out of place. Heck, the guy having the most fun in VIP had on a sweater my brother would wear to church!

H O W  T O  G E T  T H E R E:
Just taxi from wherever you're staying. It's so much easier. Hotel Violet had a taxi stand right outside its doors, and it cost maybe 3,000 won. They will charge you around 10,000 won on the way back though because it's 4 a.m., and they know you can't get home otherwise.

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